Math podcasts
Mathtutor –

Dan’s Mathcast –

The Math Factor

Science podcasts
Astronomy a Go-Go!

The Jodcast (Univ. of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory)

The Wild Classroom – science teachers go around the world

Science Update – Latest science discoveries

English/Language Arts Podcasts – discusses children’s literature – recordings of poems, interviews

Shakespeare via Ipod

The Bob and Rob Show – all about slang and idioms

Social Studies/History Podcasts
iHistory Podcast Project – a teacher in Australia presents history topics and stories

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (note this is primary source material – actual experiences of people who survived the Jim Crow era)

National Geographic – history and also science and geography

History Podcast – on historical figures and events

Fine Arts Podcasts
Philadelphia Museum of Art – exhibits, interviews

NACOcast – Christopher Millard, bassoonist, National Arts Centre Orchestra talks about orchestral music, interviews

smARThistory – art and art history

World Languages Podcasts
A Spoonful of Russian – ordering food, conversations in Russian

ChinesePod – about the studying of Mandarin

Trying to Learn Spanish – using a variety of sources to learn Spanish

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast – beginning Portuguese

Japanese Class – conversation Japanese with English subtitles

FrenchPodClass – stories and instructions in French

ESL Podcast – forESL teachers

Student Created Podcasts
Radio WillowWeb – terrific podcast

Jamestown Podcast – from Jamestown Elementary School

The Coulee Kids’ Podcast – Longfellow MS, La Crosse, WI

Mabry Middle School, Cobb County, GA

Broward County Public Schools – Florida

Cefn Fforest Primary Podcast – K-4 students from Wales